Claudia Baum

„Individuality is the order of the day.“
I’m your professional photographer in the Chemnitz region and offer my clients tailor made photos in the highest quality. I provide a wide range of portrait shooting - everything from Babybelly, Weddings, Image campaign and Boudoir.
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To accompany a wedding couple on their big day is something very special for me. Individuality is essential to my work. Your wishes form the base of my creativity. The essence of my work comes from my deep involvement in your desires and ideas. There is nothing better than going down memory lane again after years and being able to feel those same emotions again.

Take time for yourself and treat yourself to some moments just for you. I plan your individual portrait shooting and we can discover the facets of your personality together which you want to show. Even if you don’t have experience in portrait shooting I will put you at ease. I catch your impulses and be all yours.

An image campaign should transmit: “That’s me and that’s what my name stands for.” Integrity and brand awareness are part of this. I would like to create, together with you, how to best present your values, maxims and goals and at the same time establish trust. Let’s be creative even if we take an unusual path.

"A pregnant woman radiates a deep sensuality, devotion and a tangible miracle of life growing. Very private pictures are created which document the path to the joyful event and show the magic of the miracle of life".


Sensuality, naturalness, grace and beauty - every woman is an artistic synthesis and shouldn’t hesitate to show herself. Pictures of a boudoir shooting are magical presents to yourself or to your loved one. Immerse yourself in an aesthetic, enticing rendezvous with the camera, we will find your chocolate side. My aim is to turn the shooting into a feel-good experience for you.

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"I will set the stage for you and catch the moment.”

My name is Claudia Baum, mother of three children, passionately creative and always looking for inspirations.

I have been photographing since 2002; by the way, for a very long time still in analogue mode. At some point, I had to say goodbye to it and switch to digital photography – which made creativity, the joy of experimenting, the number of photos and my desire to take pictures take off enormously. Today, I very often leave the house with my camera in tow so that I don’t miss a special moment.

I MUST photograph everything that touches my soul and everything that makes the person who trusts me and reveals his wishes happy. So I have committed myself to weddings, image campaigns, portraits, baby belly and boudoir photography. But I also love to photograph artistic subjects in projects and like to work on topic-related concepts and projects.

A lovingly handcrafted unique specimen, an event at which someone presents all his skills, a person behind whose outer shell a special inner core is waiting to be uncovered and discovered with a click on the button, a celestial key, a child’s laugh, a working hand, a building with history… I simply CAN’t pass by, I have to capture the fascination for the duration. Momentum… that means “duration of a movement” – right, suitable moment, time. I find that appropriate.

With my pictures I want to show people how I see the world, how it feels to me, what meaning a gift of a moment has for me.

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