"Sensuality is an intimate presence without conversations."
Peter Hille
Sensuality, naturalness, grace and beauty - which woman does not wish to be desired and admired?
A woman is a sensual and complete work of art and deserves to experience something, which is a gift above all to herself. Women are unique and unparalleled, even if the body changes over the years; after all, as a woman you experience pregnancy, sleepless nights and life leaves its traces on us a little; with laughter lines around the eyes or perhaps with one or two deeper lines left by not so pleasant events.
A boudoir shoot should first and foremost be a feel-good shoot. You as a woman should feel comfortable in your skin and enjoy the intimate atmosphere.
It is up to you how you would like to show yourself and which of your sensual charms you reveal.
Should it be seductive, do you want to accentuate your curves, show breathtaking poses, radiate lascivious eroticism, enjoy yourself and radiate warmth and romance?
The decision is yours alone.
There is the possibility to visit the place of your choice or to meet at a suitable place for this shooting - important here is the style of the location and a certain neutrality.
Good preparation and planning are necessary so that we can implement our ideas.
If you have no experience with a boudoir shooting, I will advise you, guide you and find your sensual "inner woman".
A meeting or phone call in advance serves to get to know each other, to discuss the details in a relaxed way and to go through your individual wishes. We will discuss together which style suits you best and find the right one for you.
I familiarise myself with the chosen location and plan the shooting especially tailored to you. For your questions and requests I am available by phone or email.
For boudoir shoots it is important to pay attention to some things. For the styling I have prepared a styling guide, which I can send on request, so that you can prepare yourself for your shooting as much as possible. You can also book a stylist or a make-up artist.
I create a feel-good atmosphere and a basis of trust.
You are welcome to bring different outfits and change them.
On the day of the shooting we meet at the agreed meeting point and need approx. 2 hours for the planned photo experience. Photographs are always taken in RAW format. Thus many pictures are created, which you can use for all kinds of purposes, for framed pictures, photo books, photo gifts and much more. These RAW formats need to be developed and edited first. You can then select and order your favourite shots at your leisure. Then you'll soon be holding your MOMENTUMpics stick in your hands.

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