"Soon I shall be light, soon I shall be gloom,
soon hard, soon soft, then evil, then good.
Am sun and bird, dust and wind,
so moon as candle, so electricity as embers,
I'm a bad spirit, I'm an angel child -
Everything, everything's fine."
Dschalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi
(1207 - 1273), Persia
How many facets does a person have?
And which ones?
What makes them special?
What do they want to show of themselves?
Which ones do they like, which ones do they not find presentable?
Some of these people have come to terms with, they reflect something to and in them. Then they find their inner selves. It is precisely THESE facets that lead them on their path, it is the discovery of the special in itself, the inner radiance, which does not remain hidden to others once they have accepted it themselves.
Customers often come to me in a moment of wellbeing and of having reached their aims. But even in phases of life when you don't want to reveal everything easily, a portrait shoot can convey the right message for yourself and the environment. Sometimes in these phases it is important to take time for yourself, to treat yourself to, for self-confidence and inner strength.
In what environment do you flourish and are you authentic? Even if you have no experience with a portrait shooting, I will guide you and find your real “ ME”. I would like to search with you the place of your choice, where you "are yourself".
I would like to search with you the place of your choice, where you "are yourself".
I would like to search with you the place of your choice, where you "are yourself".

We need a good preparation and planning, so that we can put our ideas into practice. We can meet in advance or make phone calls before hand to get to know each other, discuss the details and go through your individual wishes. We can discuss together how you would like to present yourself in your location. I attune to the chosen location and plan the shooting especially tailored to you. For your questions and requests I am available by phone or email.
For portraits it is important to pay attention to some things. For the styling I have prepared a styling guide, which I can send on request, so that you can prepare yourself for your shooting as much as possible. On request a stylist or a make-up artist can be booked. You are welcome to bring different outfits and change them.
On the day of the shooting we meet at the agreed meeting point and need approx. 2 hours for the planned photo experience. Photographs are always taken in RAW format. Thus many pictures are created, which you can use for all kinds of purposes, for framed pictures, photo books, photo gifts and much more. You can then select and order your favourite photos after finishing your graphic work. Then you will soon hold your MOMENTUMpics stick in your hands.

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